I am a tech CEO, entrepreneur, investor, and public speaker. My teams and I have built several businesses from scratch, and we're currently doing amazing things at

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My Primary Work is my primary company and we have a simple promise: enterprise-class file sync-and-share for every business.
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avOS is the “company operating system” we created to power and my other businesses. avOS is both a software and a system that sets forth exactly how we distribute authority, conduct meetings, set policy, make decisions and much more.
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We built and refined avOS at to empower our people to do the best work of their career.

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Having worked for companies like Google and Facebook before, I can tell you that Action Verb and has lots to offer. I have learned a ton over the last 8 months. As a team member you can ship innovative solutions, work on solving complex problems, and continue to learn from talented individuals. Furthermore, I believe it is rather rare for a company our size to be profitable, founder owned, and fully remote.— Current Employee

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It’s summer 2006. I’m on stage with my rock band, Freefall, and we’re playing an outdoor amphitheater in Maine in front of 1,000 screaming teenagers.

It’s not lost on me that we’re pulling off a minor miracle in the music business.

Even though we’re not very good, we’re in the middle of a concert tour where we’ll play 32 shows in 8 weeks and bring in almost a hundred grand!

Telling this story 16 years later, I realize just how ridiculous it all was. I should have been slaving away at some Wall Street or Microsoft internship like the rest of my Harvard classmates, not playing guitar solos in the middle of Maine. But I’ve never followed the easy path set out for me. I’ve always made my own path.

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