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When you want solid, proven content based on real data and analysis - Kevin delivers in spades. A lot of people talk a good game but they can't back up what they say based on real-world results. Every time we've had Kevin present to our group of high-level Maverick entrepreneurs he over-delivers with actual actionable ideas to immediately make you and your business better.— Yanik Silver, founder of Maverick1000 & author of Evolved Enterprise

Let me help make your event even more memorable — I've spoken at many conferences and mastermind groups over the years, and can add a lot of flavor to your lineup!

I have a number of impactful talks to choose from, which you can read about below. If you want to discuss a custom-tailored talk, reach out to me for further details.

To get started, email speaking@bombino.org with your organization and event details.

Talk #1 Employees Who Actually Look Forward To Attending Meetings, Setting Goals, and Writing Standard Operating Procedures.

Every business owner struggles to get their employees to think like owners. With avOS, we've built an easy-to-understand system that helps employees not only think like owners, but actually give themselves real authority within the business so they can get things done. This talk explains avOS and gives business owners an easy-to-implement starting template.

Talk #2 Burn The Boats: The Power of Creating “Must-Win” Situations.

This talk discusses some of the greatest things we've done in 3 days or less at Files.com by giving our team no other option. Then I'll share the formula for creating these situations within your own team.

Talk #3 Failure Is Awesome! Win by Getting Your Team to Make More Mistakes.

Many managers fret about how their team is error prone and makes mistakes. This talk is about re-framing that situation to encourage risk taking and making the right kinds of mistakes.

Email details to speaking@bombino.org to get started.